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We always welcome new participants who contribute to research by participating in experiments.

Participation in economic experiments is voluntary and does not require any previous knowledge. Interested parties can register in the online database of the laboratory:

                                         Register here

After registering as a participant you will be informed about upcoming experiments by email and invited to participate. For the binding registration please make sure that you can participate at the indicated time. If you are unable to participate in the experiment after registering, please unsubscribe at stating the reasons. In this way you guarantee that your free place can be allocated to other interested parties. 

During the experiment you make decisions in the laboratory at the computer. Data about your decision making will be generated. However, this data is anonymized so that it cannot be assigned to any person.

For the participation in the experiment you will receive a remuneration, which results from the rules and decisions according to the respective instructions of the experiment. At the end of the experiment all participants will be paid separately in cash.

For further questions please contact: